Bring it on, Round two

Enough of this shit, just enough already. Have to tell someone, too many things that people have no idea about, this is all crazy, watched the lunar eclipse and the gemenoid meteor shower, things are happening…

Gotta make a difference, 100k fish die off and 4000 birds from blunt force trauma, something “overtook them” and they started crashing into things at 1130pm new years eve and falling from the sky. Over 100k Drum fish are dead 125 miles away from where this happened in arkansas, and i tell people and they have no idea…..facebook has replaced the news, newspapers are out, and its left to left wing above average intelligence to see the truth. Everyone can see it, they just need to open their mind and their eyes. Thats from a science news site, look it up. Mass death and the cause of blunt force trauma to 4k birds announceded today, the same day i find out i have iq in the 99th percentile of people and ive been right all along……..6th seal has been opened


Arkansas birds died of trauma
Necropsies suggest loud noise caused panicked flock to fly into objects
Web edition : Monday, January 3rd, 2011
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The blackbirds falling in the dead of night over Beebe, Ark., suffered more than broken wings. Preliminary postmortem results on 18 of the thousands of blackbirds and starlings that fell from the sky New Year’s Eve point to blunt force trauma as the cause of death. Toxicology results won’t be in until later in the week, but poison, hail, or gunshot are all unlikely, says state veterinarian George Bradley.

Around 11:30 p.m. on New Year’s Eve calls started coming in reporting dead red-winged black birds falling from the sky in the city limits of Beebe, an area of about one square mile. Necropsies conducted January 3 found multiple internal hemorrhages. The severe internal bleeding and clots were concentrated in the birds’ chest cavities, abdominal cavities and around their livers. There were no tell-tale external wounds, Bradley said.

The timing and concentrated, localized nature of the event suggests that a flock got totally freaked out and started flying madly into things like trees, buildings and even each other. Red-winged blackbirds are active during the day and apparently can’t see very well at night. They migrate and roost in flocks of thousands. An eyewitness who reported an unusual number of the birds roosting on his property said he heard something that sounded like a cannon going off in 20twenty or so large booms during the evening. All reports suggest the birds started falling well after dark.

“It looks like it was bad karma for these birds,” Bradley said. “It’s very unusual, I’ve never heard of anything like it.”

Many airports now employ noisemakers to prevent untimely meetings between birds and planes, Bradley notes, but he hasn’t heard of these precautionary noises ever leading to bird hysteria and death.

Found in: Life

Theories about of the us split up the middle by a 100 mile wide mississippi river to the great lakes and tsunami across the midwest. I think maybe wipes out farms ? That would make food prices insane, people look to govt, ive gotta build the factory, this is gonna be bad. First silver pieces i bought today, as long as my 20 Amero. I cant believe they have been making the new currency that will be using right under our noses, and selling it as collectors pieces ! Search up Daniel Carr – no one has a clue, o wait except all the people bidding on the ameros on ebay lol some people want them for a reason.

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