American Airlines you bastards

Posted: March 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Shaaaaaaakedown. So this is bullshit. Girlfriend wakes me up at 7am like heyyy what time did you have to be up ? I went to sleep at midnight figured id grab a few hours and get up at 430. Set 2 alarms on my phone. Wake up to a panic attack realizing i missed my flight, before it even takes off. No way to get to LGA in  half an hour, not yet anyways.

So apparently even if you take a different departure flight somewhere, unless you use your original departure (or change it with the same company) your return flight is no good. So basically the ONE SEAT left on a 230 plane is first class, lady didnt even mention it at first on the phone. Fucking $948 to change the ticket. No other flights, no other airports. Oh yea and i have to drive to JFK for that. My whole trip flashed before my eyes if i didnt get there today. Fucking spring breakers taking up all the planes, now i gotta go thru PR.

Whatever, fucking thousand dollar bullshit. Good thing these guys came and got this civic so i was able to make what i needed for the flight. Such a waste of time though, i hate this. I hate early departures i want to make. I hate being so busy driving workers around and starters breaking on my truck and wearing myself thin, packing the night before it just blows. Packing not so bad, i made a list and packed it up and here we go. Getting up late after being tired blows so bad, all i want to do is get some rest…

Stx here we come, most expensive aquaponics course in history here. Make me proud tilapia, you better be worth it..


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