Gifford, Wheeler, Ross, 9/11 christina now Ashley Turton. Sites deleting bird deaths worldwide and youtube channel susbscirbs, thank god for screen shots

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Too much mess, egad 43 loughner was a member of ATS, second guessed moon landings, create your own world, govt rules us, we are slaves….all that stuff, glock 19 wtih 31 round mag legal in az.

Giffords youtube site, official one, was only subscribed to two people, and one was loughners youtube channel, MSM is catching up now and people are starting to see something bad. Ashley Turton dies in a car fire in her garage in a bmw BEFORE LEAVING THE GARAGE its a new model bmw, battery in rear, theres nothing to catch on fire and they have locking fuses to kill power in an accident ive had many. This is fucking retarded.

And apparently the pole has shifter 10 degress and will accelerate ? wtf man



Ashley Turton, Congressional Affairs Director, Found Dead In Burning Car: Politico

First Posted: 01-10-11 11:57 AM   |   Updated: 01-10-11 01:02 PM

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Ashley Turton Dead
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Ashley Turton, director of congressional affairs for Progress Energy, was found dead in a burning car Monday morning in Washington, Politico reports. Turton’s husband is White House deputy director of House legislative affairs, Dan Turton.

According to the Washington Post, “a preliminary investigation indicated that the car crashed into the garage of a home in the 800 block of A Street SE.”

Roll Call reports that neighbors say the fire started at approximately 5:00 AM. “[Metropolitan Police Lt. Nicholas] Breul said fire officials were at the scene two minutes after neighbors dialed 911. When the fire was extinguished, firefighters discovered Turton’s body inside the car.”

More to come…


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