Plume above arkansas – scientific version – birds

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Monday, January 03, 2011

The BIG bird Mystery


Here’s a still image of the first wave of birds, smoke, etc.  The time stamp reads 4:26Z or 10:26 PM CST.  You can see the ball of high reflectivity just NE of Cabot.

Here’s one more image at 12:03 AM at another wave of high reflectivity

8:30 AM Tuesday Update… For those of you interested in the bird story.  Ryan Vaughan has a great post about it on his blog.  CLICK HERE

I will stat a new blog soon dealing with the upcoming cold pattern and potential for wintry weather.

8:15 PM Monday Update…  I was at the gym this evening and guess what the topic of conversation was?  No, not the impending arctic air next week, not the Razorbacks first BCS bowl appearance Tuesday night… IT WAS DEAD BIRDS.

While working out, I had a few thoughts I wanted to discuss.  The plume on the radar may be birds, smoke, or something else… we just don’t know.  To me, it looks like birds because I have seen the pattern many times on radar.  There seems to be several bursts of high reflectivity all around the time when the birds reportedly fell.  You must remember, the NEXRAD radar is located in North Little Rock.  At its normal .5 degree tilt, the lowest scan in the area is around 1000-1400 feet.  IF it was firework smoke, it would have to be a serious display to pump that much smoke at that level.  One other element to this is the low level wind flow.  Behind the front, winds were blowing from NW to SE at a fairly good rate of speed allowing the smoke to disperse easily.  It seems like there has to be some connection with the radar signature and those birds.  We’ll see what happens.

These are the thoughts I had this evening so share yours in the comment section.

I will return to the impending cold and wintry weather possibilities Tuesday right here on Little Rock’s only weather blog!


Below is radar data out of North Little Rock from the night of the bird mystery.  The loop begins around 3Z (9 PM) and ends around 7Z (1 AM).  Notice there are NO storms in the area, but something very odd shows up between Cabot and Beebe.  The radar beam at this location is close to 1000 feet above the ground.  It shows a plume of something in that area for quite awhile.  It COULD be the birds.  That is pure speculation, but it does add to the mystery… leave your thoughts in the comment section.


Here’s a zoomed in version highlighting the plume near Beebe.  It looks like these could be the black birds taking off… COULD.  The plume starts at about 10 seconds into the video.  The time it starts is around 10:17 PM

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Video Blog Discussion January 3rd

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