Met a lady With M.S. today.

Posted: November 18, 2010 in Health

So today i went into the bank to open a couple more accounts for some online business, and i get to talking with the lady opening the accounts. Nice lady, late 40’s, maybe early 40’s, normal looking person. So we start talking about my online business, and about how she wants to get some supplement from like boliva since she heard it can help cure MS. MS is a lifelong degenerative debilitating disease. I thought it put you down a lot faster then she said.

Basically she says one day her hand felt like it was going to stop working, and another day her eye hurt when she looked a certain direction. Doctor to optometrist, optometrist to optomologist, a neurologist was in there somewhere too. Basically she had some damage to her ocular nerve, but still had 20/20 vision. None the less she needed surgery now according to them.

They had to do a spinal tap to test for MS. What the fuck. They have to drill your spine to tell you whats wrong with you ? What type of medical world is this ? So spinal tap comes back positive. Worst pain shes ever felt. Then she had some leakage ?! Apparently i f you get a spinal tap done you can still drip out and then you have to go get another surgery to fix it. Which she did since the pain was unbearable.  So multiple surgeries later, and she says yesterday she had to go for her steroid infusion. Basically every week or couple or weeks she has to go get shot up with steroids to “help to prolong time between relapses”.  Basically they want to give you shots in home of having longer time between when your body acts up, yet ms episodes are induced by stress among other things. I think a spinal tap is too much stress to begin with.

Apparently they said having a kid at 37-40 was a negative for her body and many people have MS and dont know it. Symptoms started then (6 years ago) and shes been dealing with the bullshit ever since. Overall good mood and outlook, basically her life is a crap shoot now. They still manage to bill out her insurance company for a couple grand a visit..

Look at this real life story in conjunction with the cancer article i just posted. Think big picture.

Also when she went for her series 6 and 63 tests (banking inusrance license) she also ran into a lady there whose brother had ms, and is feeling a lot better after trying this bolivian berry or some herbal shit. Basically a story about how he was healed all naturally and made a full recovery.  It is indeed possible, but more people need to open their eyes.

A hospital is a store.

The medicine is the product.

Doctors are the salesmen.

Nurses are the delivery people.

They have a poor customer service.

And a real shitty return policy, none…

If they cant save you they should give you your money back, or just tell it to people how it is. If you get cancer and you are old, like old old, just let it happen, thats what the older people want. I dont want to be 85 going to chemo fuck that shit.  At that point give me the drugs and let me go …


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