Finally some acknowledgement

Posted: November 16, 2010 in Health

Ok well someone is finally believing what the fuck im talking about, i look and feel great now. 30 pounds lighter since 6  months ago, down to 224 or so. Can’t wait till i get rid of the candida and the parasites and get to 200 and starting jumping over cars lol.  The father has decided to get all natural toothpaste this weekend and see if he sees a difference. My aunt has had many of the same stomach issues as i, and been dealing with them her entire life. My mom is a nurse so she knows some things, also i think both my parents are pretty fucking smart….west point and georgetown. Its only right that i know what im saying. Now ive got dad forwarding MY emails telling people how it should work and hes gonna try it. One of my first real accomplishments on this mission was making believers out of my parents, now that im working on that, anything is possible when the student teaches the teacher..

Mom brought up a point though, that fluoride is only in the municipal water so if you have a well you are ok.


I will explain later to her. What water do you think they use when they are making your cookies and cakes ? lol Any processed foods are made with fluoridated water, there isnt a well big enough to supply factories. Thats how they getchya.  Im actually waiting on water test results to see whats really in my ‘well’ water that still has 180 ppm. Basically there is minerals and other assorted things in the water, and this is considered clean water. Brita filtered water should be down 90-100% lower then that, you need reverse osmosis or alkaline water. Future business needs to be done there to bring miracle water to the world. At least this country.

Oh yea so aunt is sick, all symptoms of too much flouride. Currently getting her thryoid tested. Fluoridation mimics something being wrong there, i think i should be able to heal her one day. Only time shall tell..


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