Blood Pressure 1 in 4 Has Unsafely High Levels

Posted: November 15, 2010 in Health

Has to be known.  This is crazy. Ordering BP cuff right now. Actually ordered a digi wrist cuff so i can show my girlfriend how she makes my bllod pressure rise on the spot and it causes me harm lol.  Funny but not.  You’re killing me,  stop it, no really…no. Ah i love her though, loves me more then i love myself  so i guess that means something. Although i am starting to become quite fond of myself lately with this newfound knowledge.

Tucker max at it again, saw the dvd only preview for his movie ‘i hope they serve beer in hell’ You have to read this guys stories, ive been reading them for years and they are hysterical, now they made a move based on the crazier of the stories  YOU CAN READ HERE now back to topic.

1 in 4 has high blood pressure, as in risk of heart attack and death. Now when your heart has to push and work to get the blood out it makes your heart muscle thicker. apparently not a good thing.

Blood Pressure will kill you. The stages before heart attack are basically called pre heart attack stages.  4 categories listed below for most groups to give you one idea of good vs bad blood pressure.

BP is measured as  Systolic pressure / Diastolic pressure.

Systolic is how much pressure your heart has to exert to push blood through your viens

Diastolic is the pressure in your veins when they are relaxed.

Yes the slash is a divide sign.

Normal = 120/80

Pre-hypertension = 120-139 / 80-89

Stage 1 Hypertension = 140-159 / 90-99

Stage 2 is Worst = Over 160/100

Either high number means high blood pressure, not just one or the other.



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