Im on the way to the meaning of life…at least i think so

Posted: November 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

So i think i found what people tend to think is the definition of  ‘GOD’. The fucked up part is he could actually be a being from another planet. A Higher race, kind of like avatar. Who you think god is is not important at this point in time i don’t bother debating religion with people because its usually been ingrained in their heads since they were born and baptized. I also do not have a firm opinion on the matter and have a very open mind. I don’t tell anybody their beliefs are wrong, they are usually good beliefs. I just want people to see the slaves to society and the slave to the dollar.

People shouldn’t be chasing the dollar, it should be chasing us. We were here first, didn’t need money. Thats why society is all fucked up, they created the dollar and created ways for us to spend it on things to harm ourselves and make ourselves sick.

You heard of people going to Oxygen bars ? They were news in the city a couple years ago. Are you fucking kidding me ? The air is soo polluted in urban areas that if you get a dose of real oxygen you feel high !


You inhale something that would body scientifically needs, and you feel fantastic. Life couldnt be better at that point. You are supposed to feel like that all the time idiots. I dont want to come off as all people are stupid, becuase they are not. Anyone reading this understands a difference of intelligence levels and openmindedness. I do however believe that more people then not, are capable of seeing what i see. They just choose not to.  They have kept in the dark so long that the light of my words is blinding. Then i get a laugh and they ask me if im on drugs. NO knuckle head, you’re the one on the drugs. The processed foods that feed the candica inside you. You’ve got worms in you just like dogs. What makes you think you wouldnt ? All the sugar and processed bullshit you eat. It feeds them, they grow, they make your sick and eventually kill you. That sode is like drinking battery acid, you’ve heard that line right ?

Its not a fucking joke, Acidic PH of 2.5 in soda, Alkaline Ph of 7.2 in water, Kill you acid ph of 1.0 in battery acid. All sode is, is watered down battery acid pumped full of sugar so you cant taste it. Trust me im learning as i go to, this is years and years of knowledge coming together and im just trying to put it all in one place.

pH Table

Below is a list of some common substances and their pH’s.

Do you see any patterns? Which substances would be safe to touch?

Which would be unsafe? What is the pH range of most foods?

pH Substance Base
14.0 Sodium Hydroxide
13.0 Lye
12.4 Lime (Calcium hydroxide)
11.0 Ammonia
10.5 Milk of Magnesia
8.3 Baking Soda
7.4 Human Blood
7.0 Pure Water Neutral
6.6 Milk Acid
4.5 Tomatoes
4.0 Wine & Beer
3.0 Apples
2.2 Vinegar
2.0 Lemon Juice
1.0 Battery Acid
0 Hydrochloric Acid

So most foods, all alcohol including wine are acidic and bad for you. Have some low ph food, not a problem i eat it, you just have to drink a lot of water and you still feel like crap. Whose stomach ever feels great ? You are a machine. You should be running at 100% efficiency. You need an oil change like you to do to your car, that still runs like it was a teenager again if it was taken care of. Ive owned and driven brand new luxury cars and Import cars with 300k+ miles on them that looked immaculate.

Its all how you take care of things, and you are what you eat.

Actually i think im the path to in-lightened, as in heading the light.  Im not even going to bother correcting the fact that the last statement says that i am the path. I went to type that i am merely on the mental path there, but for some reason or another my hands typed it that way. I went to correct it after i had already finished the sentence. Why do dying people see the light ? Maybe its just brighter then, then it is now as the light at the end of your tunnel ?  Well call me Stallone, because im in the tunnel with no power, flooding, people are dying, and im working on  getting to the light. so i can save myself and everyone else…


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