Didnt learn this in health class

Posted: November 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

The functions of the body

The human body is constantly rebuilding itself on a scale of 300 billion cells every day of your life, combusting oxygen and glucose for energy, constantly rebuilding tissue, replacing the worn out dead cells with new fresh ones. Virtually every cell in the body is replaced every seven years, estimated to be 750 trillion cells. Some types of cells are programmed at the DNA level to be replaced more frequently. For example, scientists discovered that red blood cells are replaced every 120 days; heart cells every 2 months; colon/intestinal cells every 5 days; skin cells every 4 weeks; bone structures every year; stomach lining every 2 days.
Marvel in this understanding because we all take it for granted by not giving our body the nutrition it needs to grow, repair and detox properly and we wonder why we are ill?


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