Carnival Cruise Ship Splendor arrives in San Diego Today

Posted: November 11, 2010 in Uncategorized, WMD
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So the splendor arrived in san diego today to unload the 4500 people on board. Now we find out the that. No one was hurt, but passengers said they were jolted awake by the fire. Few of them panicked.  Smoke filled hallways toward the back of the ship, and a smoky odor reached the front cabins.

Carnival said a crankcase split on one of the ship’s six diesel engines, causing the fire.

“It felt like an earthquake and sounded like a jackhammer,” said Amber Haslerud, 27, of Chula Vista.

The National Transportation Safety Board said late Thursday that the probe into the fire’s cause would be conducted by Panama. Panama agreed to let the U.S. Coast Guard join the investigation because most of the passengers were U.S. citizens and two NTSB experts would assist, the NTSB said.

The incident will be costly for Carnival, but it won’t have to repay the Navy for delivering food from the USS Ronald Reagan, which costs about $1 million a day to operate. The carrier was nearby on a training mission, and responding to the ship was nothing more than a “minor distraction,” said Chief Petty Officer Terry Feeney.

Ok ok really ?  “It felt like an earthquake and sounded like a jackhammer”

And the USS Ronald Reagan that costs $1 Million a day to operate is just out doing a traning mission cruising around ??? No it was at our military island base 15 miles away so it was already right there.

Funny I’ve never head of an electric fire that tunred into cracking a motor,


This is out of passengers mouths fresh off the boat, never before having seen or heard anything about what caused their situation. Only what they felt, heard and saw,  and right after the captain coming on the intercom saying that they will NOT have to evacuate the ship. So the captain fucking knows he got hit by a missile, an EMP missile. They wanted to make a point, not just blow up a cruise ship.

Read this – im sure you remember a few years ago in china we got made fun of for being snuck up on. We’ve been fighting with them for years dancing around the news here. They talk about us there like we talk about north Korea, and kim jong tells them he wins winter skating olympics and they believe it. Sounds pretty silly doesn’t it ? Not so funny when here is there..

By Sally Peck and agencies 1:31AM GMT 13 Nov 2006

A Chinese submarine secretly stalked a US aircraft carrier and surfaced within firing range of its torpedoes and missiles before being detected, The Washington Times has reported.

Everything posted is usually real, published news by the way, simply look up the topic and see for yourself. I just try to help put the pieces together so people get a clue..

Oh and in case you didn’t read above, yes the NTSB send two agents down to panama where they will conduct the fire investigation. Keeping it out of our view, if the fucking ship only blew a motor, or had an electric fire, its just something they would repair at their home port.

Now the boat will get dragged to fucking panama, with us involved in investigation to see how bad we got stung, and just 2 of our guys will go to panama to make sure its never seen again.


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